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Commissioned by The Albany

Manuel Vason was commissioned to work with a group of elderly people and create a series of images that would document their activities and their desire to transform the art centre into a more friendly space for people over 60. 

TRANSFORMATION - Tempting Failure Festival

Manuel Vason and the DARC collective were invited to participate at the Tempting Failure Festival and respond through creative documentation to the work of other 3 young artists. The result ended up being another live performance which this image is only a small fragment.

5 TF18_07_17_MattYard_DARC_Transformance_083.jpg
6 Tarot.jpg


Commissioned by Spill Festival

Manuel Vason was commissioned to collaborate with 23 maverick performance artists on the creation of a functional tarot pack.

In my opinion this is a great example of creative documentation as each major arcana card represented a real performance for the camera. 


Commissioned by GISWIL Festival

Manuel Vason and a representative of DARC Collective were invited to participate at the International Performance Art Festival of Giswil in Switzerland and respond to the various performances with creative documentation. As an answer, Vason pointed his camera to the various photographers documenting the live performances and presented a slide show interrogating the 'dance movements' of the documentators.

7 Giswil545.jpg
3 Dan Deacon_ VU__Manuel Vason_628.jpg

CONVERGENCE - London Festival

Commissioned by Convergence

Convergence is an establish festival of visual art, music and technology happening in London since 2010. They have commissioned Manuel Vason and Studio Radar to focus on the audiences and create a series of images that portrait their emotions.

TOM STUART - I Am Not Myself These Days

Commissioned by Fuel Production

I Am Not Myself These Days is the story of one man's unconventional journey to self-acceptance that resonates far beyond the confines of the story. 

Tom Stuart delivers a tour-de-force performance in this mesmerising one man show. Ad man by day and drag queen by night, Josh battles his own alcoholism while desperately trying to make his relationship work with Jack, a high-class rent boy addicted to crack. 



Commissioned by ARTSADMIN

Vesper Time offers an ‘evening prayer’, a high-spirited and playful reflection on ageing and on acting before it is too late.

Subverting fragments of Hollywood blockbusters with the existential undercurrents of Moby Dick, Makishi draws on her former training as a missionary and stand-up comic in this subversive sermon about loss and living life to the full.


Art directed editorial for the launch of the magazine.

.Cent celebrates creativity from the unique perspective of having the creatives comment directly in articles for the influential readership therefore creating a personal yet powerful and congruent experience.

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