A film by Renata Ferraz and Rubiane Maia

ÁDITO is a film that weaves together the artistic research of two women artists, with one course in Visual Arts and one in Theatre and Cinema. It is a four-handed narrative, in which both are both behind and in front of the camera 'interpreting' themselves as characters. Rubiane absorbed in a state of absence and melancholy, and Renata her mysterious companion. Between closeness and distances that occur in the middle of the landscape, Adito reveals fragments of memory, crisis and dream, in a cross between fiction and reality.


A video-promo commissioned by Clod Ensamble

Join acclaimed writer/performer Sarah Cameron as she takes you on a journey through a world of extreme compulsion and eye watering complacency, where domestic drudgery happens on an operatic scale and a father’s dereliction of duty reaches epic proportions.


A film by Neil Callaghan and Simon Kenyon

The world is in a constant state of flux. Two bodies engage in a delicate physical activity, striving to become something other than a body: material, force, a single organism. Colliding, pushing, pressing, mingling, uniting. A sculptural and minimal performance that seeks to entice the audience into the details of micro-movement.


A film by Helen Spackman and Manuel Vason 

Salento is a collaboration between Helen Spackman and Manuel Vason. The two artists spent a week in Salento, southern Italy in 2008 and returned to the location a year later in 2009 to work on a video project using site-specific improvisations for the camera and working without a storyboard. Duration of full length video: 11:48 minutes