The Pirate Project

Created by: Lucy Foster with Chloe Dechery, Philip Eddolls, Lucinka Eisler, Ian William Galloway, Matilda Leyser & Nick Powell.

Lucy Foster in co-production with Improbable

Lucy is a director, writer, and performer, and is Co-Artistic Director of Foster&Dechery. Lucy has been an Associate Director with Improbable since 2007.

“A delightful piece of theatre…. her humour is zany, creeping up on you with its odd, quirky vision of the world; her script is evocative and elegant, glinting with moments of tenderness and wistfulness ….(it) ends with one of the simplest and most beautiful images I have seen in the theatre recently.

”William McEvoy, The Stage on Lucy’s show, Oh My Green Soap Box 

The Pirate Project