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Our philosophy

StudioRadar believes the documentation and promotion of an art event should be a creative response in syntony with the artist’s intentions.


In an era of global digitalisation in which most of the artwork is encountered, experienced and analysed virtually, it is extremely important that the translation of an exhibition / live performance into images / videos is not assigned to a technical photographer but provided by an artist sensitive to the responsibility.


Manuel Vason, founder of StudioRadar, has accumulated twenty years of experience and matured a methodology that brought him to collaborate with more than 250 artists internationally as well as various galleries, institutes and art festivals.


Specialised on the photographic documentation of live art, Vason considers any art presentation, installation or exhibition a particular event with a specific duration and, although technology is imposing a formatted standardisation on the way we record and share their representation, their uniqueness should be preserved adopting dedication and originality.

Manuel Vason biography


Vason gained his technical proficiency assisting some of the most established commercial photographers of his generation. While working professionally and contributing to magazines such as Vogue, ID, Dazed & Confused and The Sunday Times, in 2003, he completed an MA on Fine Art at the Central Saint Martins in London. 

By shifting his focus from fashion to performance art, Vason was exposed to a critical perspective that questioned the authoritative power of photography and its fabricated objectivity. As a consequence, he shaped a unique art practice that takes in consideration the limits of the medium as resource for the exploration of a more ethical and sensitive approach to art documentation. In 2019, Vason completed a PhD by Publication that examined the complex relationship between live art and photography and how his unprecedented art practice contributed to existing knowledge. In 2020, he founded StudioRadar with the intention to pursue his greatest passion: to experience, document and radiate contemporary art.

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