Boris Nieslony - State Museum

Commissioned by the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessal​oniki. Boris Nieslony performed the piece MA: Version at the State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki The artist dedicates its performance people that have died, to people who were murdered by other people, from the death penalty of crimes against the state, from traumas that resulted from the state, from genocides, from ethnic cleansing, from world wars, because they refuse migration, because they migrate,

Cassils - Inextinguishable Fire

Commissioned Spill Festival and The National Theatre. Cassils’ work Inextinguishable Fire speaks to the radical unrepresentability of certain forms of trauma and violence. How can we enact empathy when our own situation is so removed from the atrocities of torture and war? Inextinguishable Fire articulates the space where this overlap occurs. This performance for the camera feature Cassils engaged in a treacherous fire stunt. The final film makes the


Commissioned by Performance Space D R A W N was a week long exhibition of durational performance art examining place & identity. The program coupled 6 international artists with 6 hyper-local materials (Stone, Water, Salt, Wood, Blood & Earth), across 6 venues in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter. Located at the shore of the English Channel & mouth of the Channel tunnel; D R A W N invited audiences (local & International) to consider how we relate to one another

The Sick Of The Fringe Festival

Commissioned by the Wellcome Trust I am very happy to share some images of the Sick Of The Fringe Festival (17-19 February 2017). This was the first edition of the Festival in London aiming to provide a rich context for artistic work engaged with issues around medicine, mental health and the junction between art and science.

In Between Time Festival 2017

Commissioned by In Between Time Festival It has been great to see so many people during the last In Between Time Festival 2017. I don’t think I remember so many sold out gigs. Myself and Paul Blackmore have been asked to document the Festival and I’m here sharing some of the images created… by the way this is a really tiny small selection with the hope you get more interested on the work of these feature artists and to participate to the next edition of IBT Festival.

Steakhouse Live Festival

Commissioned by Stakehouse Live LONGER WETTER FASTER BETTER A three days festival of Live Art and Performance 14-16 October 2016 at Rich Mix, Artsadmin and the Yard Theatre in London Here a small selection of images… so to give a taste of these intense three days. The festival was so charged with a diversity of live actions that I’m sure I have missed some incredible moments!!…!!  so don’t take these images as an exhaustive documentation… No WAY!

Drawing Life - Barbican

Commissioned by the Jewish Music Institute Drawing Life, a multi-media composition about children in Terezin by Jocelyn Pook. Drawing Life is a dramatised song cycle with film and video, based on the book I Never Saw Another Butterfly. Featuring poems and drawings by Jewish children imprisoned in Terezin, Pook draws inspiration from the children’s creative spirit.

Convergence Festival

Commissioned by Convergence Festival An embarrassment of riches' 'An actual cathedral of sound’'The talent amassed here is so witty and brutal' - The Guardian ‘Convergence has altered the trajectory of electronic music and what role technology will play in the future’ - Crack Magazine

Ron Athey  -  ]Performance Space[

Commissioned by Performance Space London preview of Ron Athey’s “Incorruptible Flesh: Messianic Remains” at ]Performance Space[. A proto-type of this piece was originally commissioned by Performance Studies international conference at Stanford University and has been shown across the US at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn; Defibrillator Gallery/Mana Contemporary, Chicago; Human Resources, Los Angeles; in 2013 and early 2014.

Vanessa Mitter, Beuys Keep Swinging

Commissioned by Chelsea College of Arts Chelsea Salon, Chelsea College of Arts, London. 17th June 2014. The inaugural show aims to playfully address the charismatic patriarchal figure of Joseph Beuys, whose practice defies authority while simultaneously relying on his own authority.

Ron Athey - Incorruptible, Messiani

Commissioned by Human Resources, Los Angeles Ron Athey – Incorruptible, Messianic Remains – Human Resources, Los Angeles This performance is the fourth installation in the Incorruptible Flesh series. “Messianic Remains” extends Athey’s exploration of the continuation of his own post-AIDS body.

David Rickard - EXHAUST

Commissioned by Michela Ricci Gallery EXHAUST – David Rickard and Manuel Vason 24-hour collection of exhaled air within foil balloons. Dimensions variable. Images mounted and presented as part of the 54th Venice Biennale

Oreet Ashery - Party for Freedom

Commissioned by Artangel Various London venues – 1 May – 22 June 2013 Somewhere between a travelling cinema and theatre troupe, a kiss-a-gram and a takeaway delivery service, London-based artist Oreet Ashery’s Party for Freedomis an itinerant work that combines live performance with moving-image and an original album soundtrack.

Louise Ann Wilson - Ghost Bird

Commissioned by LICA Ghost Bird (September 2012), was a silent walking-performance and live-art installation specific to the Langden Valley in the Trough of Bowland, an upland landscape internationally important for its heather moorland, blanket bog and rare birds.

Live Culture - Tate Modern

Commissioned by Live Art Development Agency A programme of Live Art performances, debates and presentations curated by the Live Art Development Agency and Adrian Heathfield. Live Culture was a four day programme of events considering the shifting nature of Live Art practice in relation to the visual arts.

Camden Arts Centre - The Big Rip Off

Commissioned by Camden Art Centre 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Camden Arts Centre’s internationally acclaimed residency programme. Outset Contemporary Art Fund is helping celebrate this milestone. The Big Rip Off! gives artists license to plunder the history of financial misdemeanours and raise funds through underhand means.

Ron Athey - Pleading in the Blood

Commissioned by Tate Modern Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium Saturday 21 September 2013 The event marks the publication of the much anticipated first book devoted to his practice, Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey, edited by Dominic Johnson.

Access All Areas Festival

Commissioned by Live Art Development Agency Friday 4 March from 19.00 and Saturday 5 March from 12.00, 2011 Club Row Gallery, Rochelle School, London E2 7ES Access All Areas wass a two-day public programme reflecting the ways in which the practices of artists who work with Live Art have engaged with, represented, and problematised issues of disability in innovative and radical ways.

Once More With Feeling - Tate Modern

Commissioned by Oriana Fox The Women’s Art Library/Make and Feminist Review presented an evening of rediscovery and new feminist performance art organised by Oriana Fox recipient of the Art in the Archive: Living with Make Bursary 2009. Oriana was invited to engage with the unique Women’s Art Library/Make, based at Goldsmiths, University of London.

A Short History of Performance

Commissioned by Whitechapel Gallery To mark the launch of Vason’s publication Exposures the Live Art Development Agency collaborated with the Whitechapel Gallery on a debate exploring the enduring legacies of artists working in the 60s and 70s alongside the work of current practitioners and issues around the documentation and representation of performance beyond the ‘live’.

Navigate Festival - Baltic

Commissioned by BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Stubnitz (moored Newcastle Quayside) and specially commissioned coach tour, NewcastleGateshead, UK.

Tate Scavengers - Tate Modern

Commissioned by Joshua Sofaer Tate Scavengers was conceived by artist Joshua Sofaer, in collaboration with Stacy Makishi and the Interpretation and Education department of Tate Modern.

Franko B – Oh Lover Boy!

Oh Lover Boy! was the product of a long-term collaboration between Franko B and Manuel Vason. Vason collaborated as a photographer with Franko B for a period of two years monitoring and documenting the live performances, as well as creating a series of images for the camera.

Home Live Art

Commissioned by Home Live Art Laura Godfrey Isaacs and Mimi Banks launched Home Live Art in 1999 with a site-specific visual arts exhibition produced in Laura’s family home in Camberwell, South London. The company continued to use the house as a venue for public exhibitions and then, more predominantly, performances and events for the next 7 years. Home Live Art became well known for its “Salons”, programming intimate works that explored the unique domestic context, the relationship between

Las Mas Distinguidas - La Ribot

Commissioned by Artsadmin Concept La Ribot Performer Anna Williams Lighting Daniel Demont Dresses Pepe Rubio Music Erik Satie, Javier Lopez de Guereña, Ruben Gonzalez, Carles Santos Photos A Basta Tour Management Michel Quéré Technical Manager Sarah Gilmartin Management Jo Hughes An Artsadmin project. Produced by La Ribot, 36 Gazelles, London UK tour presented with the support of the Arts Council of England.