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In partnership with Unipegasus InfoTech Solutions, Studio Radar will help you building your website, creating your content and even selling your artworks using a range of platforms.

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Anna Boggon, born in Edinburgh Scotland, lives and works in London and Folkestone. She is a multi-media artist, her practice includes painting, sculpture, mixed media and site-specific installation. She studied BA painting at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen and MA painting at the Royal College of Art, London. 

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D:NA is the home of performance artist Ernst Fischer, and a semi-public performance, meeting and research space located in a small, rented flat in South London. In keeping with its own insignificance and in reflection of its full title, the Archive is (and shall be) the home of small things: beautiful and insignificant, profound and negligible, harmless and useful, as well as harmful and useless, objects, actions and substances, including documentation of the work of LEIBNIZ, a performance art collective, of which Ernst is the artistic director.

Jonathan Wright works with images, materials and structures derived from the fabric of modernity. But since he is also fascinated by craft techniques, his compositions using this modernist vocabulary often become mysterious and seemingly functionless through the intervention of personal and felt elements, in a personalised and romantic critique of the modernist project.

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Varga Weisz’s five-headed sculpture Rug People, its body wrapped in blankets and cardboard, appears stranded and forlorn. Arrived as if by magic, the group huddles together on the disused railway tracks of the old Harbour Station. The Station, with its history of bringing First World War soldiers to the harbour to embark to France, as well as being the terminus for the Orient Express until 2008, provided the major inspiration for Varga Weisz’s work.

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