Anne Bean

Coleman Project Space

I feel very privileged to have been working with artist Anne Bean for more then one year toward the creation of a series of performances for camera. The images created will be presented on a series of exhibitions in different Galleries. So far the work have been exhibited at Bank Space Gallery and Coleman Project Space.

Coleman Project Space is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Anne Bean that have grown out of her film-performance project ‘Night Chant’ – originally conceived for the Whitechapel gallery’s 2015 symposium ‘Performance and Politics in 1970s’. Bean is interested in the different ways artists have been influenced over the years by the permissive space that performance art has provided. ‘Night Chant’ is a short film that explores her personal connections with five artists who sadly, and suddenly, died a few years ago. Two of them – Alexis Hunter and Rita Harris – were based next door, or very near, to Coleman Project Space during the seventies. In a recent Art Monthly interview, Bean said of these relationships: ‘We are each other’s archives and legacies’.

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