Chloé Déchery – A Duet Without You

“One never talks so well to someone as when they’re absent. Or, to put it in another way, one never talks so well and so clearly to you as when they’re not in the room with you.”

A Duet Without You is a solo performance trying (and inevitably failing) to be a duet. Re-enacting a pas-de-deux without a partner, reading letters to an absent other or searching for ghosts, Chloé embarks on a series of intermittent conversations with friends.
Beyond distance and despite absence, Chloé and her collaborators try to experience what it means to be two and what can happen in-between.

“In that sense, I would like to think of A Duet Without You as an impossible pas-de-deux, unrequited love, a promise not quite fulfilled.”


Conceived and performed by Chloé Déchery
In collaboration with: Simone Kenyon, Deborah Pearson, Pedro Ines (and Bert Roman in 2012)
Dramaturge: Michael Pinchbeck
Mentor: Karen Christopher
Guest writer: Mary Paterson
Lighting designer: Martin Langthorne
Sound designer: Tom Parkinson
Producer: Laura Milnes
Producing mentor: Natasha Davies
Assistant: Rachael White
Grapic design: Olivia Jourde (The Letter O)
Photography: Manuel Vason

The production is funded by the ACE and benefits from support by Shoreditch Townhall and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Chloé Déchery – A Duet Without You